The hallmark of Amarantha Designs is individuality.

Our standard pattern accessories are very popular, but nothing beats a beats a beautiful sparkling bag or phone cover when you know that nobody else in the whole world has one quite like it.

Or perhaps you have something very special to say for a birthday or anniversary – something only she will understand and that brings a secret smile to her face each time she looks at it.

Tell us your idea and we will translate it into a beautiful glittering design, just for you.

Got a specific design in mind – send us a sketch or a photo. Just a vague idea – no problem, we will come up with a design and see what you think before committing it to crystal.


As every request we get is unique, each one is priced on the size and complexity of the design. However, for some common formats such as an iPhone cover we can give you a pretty good idea as follows:

  • Standard cover, random’pebbledash’ pattern, clear crystals: £125
  • Custom design (initials, logo, shape, etc.): £175
  • Complex design (small crystals, fine detail, multiple colours): £225